Friday, January 29, 2010

Sandwich Community School must pull its weight

To my readers: Not having participated in the detailed discussions about the Sandwich Community School that took place during last year's school budget preparation cycle, I will not opine on Bob Guerin's guest editorial. I do, however, feel that providing this venue for Bob's opinions and comments by my readers is appropriate. Remember that comments are moderated, so do not expect that they will appear instantaneously after you post them. -- Randy Hunt

Guest editorial by Bob Guerin

In the current economic environment towns and schools have asked themselves hard questions like: “What is our primary mission?” and “What is a core service?” In Sandwich, budget pressures have resulted in increased scrutiny of the operation and funding of the Sandwich Community School.

The Community School is a loose confederation of unrelated businesses that includes operating a pool, offering adult education courses, providing pre-kindergarten child services, and managing a drivers’ education program.

While the Community School plays an important role in the lives, and quality of life, of our citizens, no one can seriously argue that the Community School provides a core service to taxpayers. It’s not educating our students, providing for public safety, and it does not maintain our roads and public buildings or protect the public health.

We now know that for years moneys, probably hundreds of thousands of dollars, have been diverted from the town’s school budget to subsidize the operation of the Community School. For example, the Community School pool operation did not pay the heat and electric bills it incurs (roughly $80,000/year or more). The adult education program, which utilizes school equipment, classrooms and utilities, did not pay to rent the space it occupies (something almost every other group using school property does today).

In addition, the Community School used to collect and keep all fees or rental income non-school groups using school property would pay. So, while the town’s school budget paid to maintain school equipment, classrooms, gymnasiums and auditoriums, the Community School pocketed any and all rental income. That’s a good business to be in!

We also know that claims of significant “in-kind” financial contributions from the Community School back to the school system were overstated and overvalued.

In addition to receiving large subsidies from the schools to manage its budget, the Community School inflated the price of two popular programs: drivers’ education and pre-K child services. The Community School would divert the “profits” from these programs to offset chronic pool operating deficits and fund administrative office expenses.

Administrative office expenses of the Community School exceed those of the Sandwich Public Schools central office. According to the numbers, it costs less to have a central office run our entire K-12 school system, managing staff, buildings, equipment, and transportation than it does to run the central office of the Community School.

Without subsidies, the Community School is not and has never been profitable. It’s unlikely that without some form of subsidy the Community School as we know it today can survive.

Budgets are about choices. The questions the School Committee and our town need to ask and answer are these: Is it right and is it the best use of taxpayer moneys to continue to cut school programs and teachers and other school budget line items so that a select few can swim laps or a Barnstable mom can learn to paint with water colors? Is it right that the parents of drivers’ education students and the working families enrolling their children in pre-K programs must overpay to subsidize pool and office expenses?

In the dreaded private sector, businesses that can’t generate enough revenues to cover expenses either cut costs, increase revenue, or fail.

Isn’t time to fix the Community School problem permanently? Isn’t time to make each Community School business individually either cover their expenses or close?

Bob Guerin
Former School Committee Chairman
Sandwich, MA


  1. I have a few questions:

    1. When did the Community School stop paying pool utility costs. The 1/4/2010 SC Memorandum states: 'Until several years ago, pool utility costs were paid by the Community School. This practice was re-instituted at the end of FY 2009..' For how many years was the utility cost covered by the school budget and why did the Community School stop paying utilities?

    2. How are the pool utility costs determined. Is the pool on a separate meter? Are utilities for locker rooms split between school and community school since all SHS students use these facilities during the school day and after hours for sports?

    3. I would need to see the details for the in-kind financial contributions made by the Community School before I could determine they were overstated or overvalued. Is this information available to the public?

    4. With regard to profitability, can you explain how the Community School was able to set aside money to pay for a new childcare facility? Also, where is that money now?

  2. Answer to Question 1:
    I believe that shortly after the High School renovations were completed all utility payments ceased.
    Answer to Question 2:
    Pool energy costs were calculated by the Head of Facilities, working with representatives of the power company and using cost estimates based on pool power equipment wattage, hours run daily and current energy costs. The equipment is not separately metered. To be certain of the exact amounts the School Committee has requested a more formal analysis.
    Answer to Question 3.
    This data was looked at carefully and should be available. But, who cares? Today, with minimal contributions being made by the Community School towards its operating expenses it has racked up two successive years of massive deficits and rapidly burned through their limited cash reserves. Its current fiscal picture evidences its chronic inability to meet expenses.
    Answer to Question 4:
    There never was money set aside to PAY for the new building. The proposal was to use current cash flows to cover the debt payments. In other words, the moneys from school rental income, profits from Drivers Ed and Pre K as well as non payment of utilities expenses was the cash flow to be used to pay the mortgage.
    The meager positive cash balance on hand to launch the building project was rapidly depleted as the Community School was required to recognize and pay some of their actual costs and address their massive deficits. All along the way the "profitability" of this enterprise has been the product of fiscal slight of hand. The reality is that it’s easy to create positive cash balances if someone else pays your bills.

  3. Everybody needs to pay their fair share, right? Everybody needs to pull their own weight, right? What depts owe should be be paid for by that dept, right? (Yes, I know the CS is not a dept) So, in all fairness, the school district should pay for plowing of snow, emptying of dumpsters, unemployment beniefit cost should be incurred by the schools not the municipal side , right? Did I miss any? If one wants one the CS to pull its own weight down to the penny then all should puul their own weight down to the penny. Just making sure I understand this editorial correctly.

  4. To the last anonymous poster: You did NOT read my editorial correctly.

    The question is this:

    Do we as a community want to continue to fire teachers and cut educational programs so that we can run a pool and Adult Ed programs OR is it time to stop using school budget dollars to run the pool and Community School?

  5. I feel I read it correctly. The title is "Sandwich Community School must pull its weight" I agree but all have to pull their own weight. Selective weight pulling pits one against another. Simply my opinion.

  6. To Anonymous: Bob Guerin did not title his editorial; I did that. If Bob has a better suggestion for a title to his post, I'll change it.

  7. Oh............well, it fits nicely. I still feel I understood the content and spirit of the letter correctly.

  8. Why is it that school committee people are not chiming in on all this?

    How does Bob Guerin get all this information. I tried to call the School Admin Office to ask a question and did not get a call back?

    Let's face it, the Community School is dead. Just a political move to crush all those things that are important to Sandwich.

    Schools are NOT the only important thing in town. I will most likely move soon. This town is too screwed up for me.

  9. There's no magic to Guerin getting the info. He read the reports and paid attention at meetings. he's also not saying anything new -- most of that is information that we have been discussing for almost 2 years.

    If you have a question, email the School Committee.

    Nobody is trying to kill the Community School. There's certainly nothing to be gained politically by attacking the most popular program in Town.

    Nobody said the programs were not worthwhile or unappreciated by those enrolled in them. The current School Committee is trying to find a way to help fund the programs.

    But, as we fire teachers and eliminate programs, it is important to note that some of the tax money that people think they are paying to support public education is being used to support activities which are not related to the operation of grades K-12.
    Given the choice between teaching math & science to Sandwich kids or teaching swimming to some very nice folks from Sandwich, Bourne, Mashpee, Barnstable, etc. what do you want?

    As for the comments about "pulling its own weight" the School District doesn't generate revenue -- it's a basic service whose operating costs are always paid by taxes. The Community School is a revenue-generating entity. It's like comparing apples and giraffes.

    Bob Simmons

  10. To the anonymous person who wanted to know where former School Chairman found his information, I would say that he probably received the information over a coffee with Mr. Simmons, his friend (Insider Info). I don't have much because I do not have cable and work at night. The biggest problem in this town is that one must rely on the Sandwich Enterprise for information, and most of it is wrong.

    Mr. Simmons says to send an email to the school committee. Has anyone ever tried it, believe me it does not work. As for anyone who calls the School office, that does not work for parents with problems, why would it work for a concerned citizen.

    The Community School serves PEOPLE, some of who pay taxes. We lack leadership in this town on the school committee and on the school board. We don't know what is happening unless we read it somewhere or hear it from someone. Simmons complains about rumors, well, they exist because the committee he chairs NEVER discusses ANYTHING negative about the schools. Did you hear about computers that are not being used, people who are fired because of lack of money, but then others are hired to replace them? I once spoke at open mike at the school committee and was told that "we have already discussed it" Did that mean that my comment had no worth. I am pissed! My taxes go UP and UP and UP and NO ONE cares.

    A little off subject, but NO ONE brings these things up.

  11. The above post is so very typical of what passes in this town for discussion: Here’s the model:

    Step 1 – Do NOT bother to check facts.

    Step 2 - Complain but do it anonymously.

    Step 3 – Do NOT propose an alternative or a solution.

    Step 4 – wait a week and repeat Step 1

    A few facts…………Bob Simmons and I are friends. I am also friendly with many other members of the School Committee, Finance Committee and Board of Selectmen. Funny how all the folks who volunteer and serve our community seem to become friendly. I don’t see the conspiracy Anonymous seems to imply, but perhaps Oliver Stone could make the movie and better explain it.

    True, computers purchased for teachers were for a short while undistributed because the teachers union objected. This fact was discussed at multiple televised School Committee meetings and reported in BOTH the Enterprise and Cape Cod Times. God only knows how anonymous missed it.

    True, budgeted positions have been eliminated and then put back into the budget. Happens all the time. Sometimes it happens because budget priorities are refocused and moneys reallocated from another line item, and sometimes it happens because the Union grieves the terminations and “wins” in arbitration - meaning the town is ordered to restore a position.

    Activity like this has been and is always discussed at multiple televised School Committee meetings and reported in the Enterprise and Cape Cod Times. Again, I can’t imagine how anonymous missed it. (Actually, I can but I will leave that point alone for now.)

    True, my taxes and everybody else’s taxes in town go up and there is no fun in that. (At last we agree!)

    This original post was about managing a budget and making choices. It was about the TAX money being spent to prop up the Community School. Funny – for all the bluster this anonymous poster added to this blog, nothing he/she wrote actually addressed the core question presented about spending priorities – which is of course wholly consistent with Step 3 above.

  12. Someone pease explain how this became to be. A room within the walls of the High School, the pool, must be completely paid for by an outside entity?Yes, I know the CS uses it the most. That is the equivelent of the Human Services Building charging the Selectman to hold their weekly meetings. Now don't get torqued by the question, please just answer it.

  13. The Schools have always willingly paid $20,000 or so a year to "use" the pool. Nobody has suggested NOT paying some nominal user fee.
    However, the COmmunity School operates the pool as a business. The COmmnity School charges people (residents and non residents fees to use the pool) and the COmmnunity School keeps all pool revenues.
    The School budget NOT the COmmnity School currently pays all pool utility costs (another $80,000 a year in costs).
    Now, go back and reread the original post.

  14. I don't want to beat a dead horse... but there's nothing new being discussed here. These facts and figures have been discussed very publically many for the 2-3 years that I have been questioning the Community School.

    If Anonymous doesn't have cable, doesn't attend meetings, and doesn't ask questions, I am not sure why it is my fault (or Guerin's) that they have no idea what's going on.

    I would strongly suggest they visit the Town Clerk and take out papers to run (you can HAVE my seat!)-- then they will realize there is no secret decoder ring and no such thing as "inside information". BUT you will also have to do your homework and make an effort to understand what is going on. (And start signing your own name.)

  15. torqued anyway...............Oy Vey

  16. The 'ol two on one fast break. I am simply asking a question that after three attempts has yet to be answered. This is not a question to uncover some conspiracy, any other nefarious act, find the room where the secret handshake occurs, buy a decoder ring or be invited to the reading of the "inside information" playbook. Let ask the question ANOTHER way. What is the history of how an asset, a pool, has become rented out?

  17. No torque here ... historically, the pool was built as part of the high school back in "the old days" when the schools could write their own budgets and send the taxpayers a bill.

    After Prop 2 1/2 & Ed Reform when there were serious constraints put on school budgets, the pool was closed for a period because the school department could not afford to operate it.

    Then, I think what happened, was that the Community School re-opened the pool with the intent of funding its operating costs using revenue earned from the pool and other programs.

    As time went on, more of the operating costs (specifically utilities which run somewhere between $80,000 and $120,000 annually) were shifted into the regular school budget.

    The problem is that now that the school budget is shrinking, the School Committee is faced with the choice of cutting teachers or making an effort to get the Community School to pay more operating costs.

    This is complicated by the fact that current economic conditions are reducing the enrollments in Community School programs -- which resulted in a $250,000 loss last year (BEFORE the School Committee took over).

    An interesting twist is the fact that 1/3 of the pool users are from other towns. Which raises the question -- Should we be laying off Sandwich teachers to provide the folks in Mashpee with subsidized swimming?

    What (realistic) creative solutions does anybody have to fund pool operations? We are asking for help -- we really are open to any ideas.

  18. we can be friends. Now people like me, black onyx mood ring and tin foil hats, will stop asking that question. When I make decisions I begin to make enemies. The question as to future of the pool is in this analogy. I don't own a Maserati because why? Fill in the blank.

  19. The Energy Committee has been looking into some options to reduce pool utility costs. The new Community School council met last night and formed a pool subcommittee. The School Committee approved an audit of the Community School finances. A more formal analysis of actual pool utility costs has been requested by the School Committee. Let's hope that these actions represent a step in the right direction. I think there are a lot of people who are willing to help ensure the continued operation of the pool. We just need to know where we can 'plug in'.

  20. Enernoc is one of the companies the SC is looking at for energy cost savings. The concept is this, electricity usage is managed by an outside company through equipment installed at a school building. If a demand period is recognized, the school is asked to drop its usage and the power is sold elsewhere. With these type of systems the school saves two ways. They purchase less electricity because of the shedding of uneccesary power usage and they get a "commission" from Enernoc when they resell the schools saved electricity. My first thought is I hope the schools are already not using power unnecessarily. So if this is the case then how can a company sell something that is not available? Hmmmmmm

  21. I must chime in as I agree with Mr Guerin. The school district is, and always have been subsidizing the CS.

    If the school district hadn't been subsidizing the SC for all these years,it would have been out of business years ago.

    If even one dollar is used to subsidize the CS, it is then taken from the education of the students- and that is wrong!!

    This has bothered me for over many, many years.

    Ann Coolidge

  22. I think all of you are just a bunch of children who are more ready to dump on a poster than answer a question or not come back with snobbish comments.

    Earlier on this blog, someone asked why the schools should not pay for some to the townside items such as health, unemployment etc. I never read an answer.

    Also, Mr. Simmons and Mr. Guerin being friends does not surprise me. They both are more ready to put down opposition than engage in dialogue.

    I, for one, can not attend meetings because I have two children and am a sole parent. I can not run for office, basically for the same reason. I write the school committee, and, for that matter, the selectmen and seldom get an answer. If I do, most of the time it is a thnak you.

    Also, the selectmen post their emails individually, the school committe, without balls, as usual, have one address.

    My point is that the same people ram things down are throat, knock us as citizens, and support the superintendent who does very little to help our schools.

    Kelly Lake

  23. What Mr. Guerin doe not understand is that the other part of government in this town subsidizes the school budget. Look at our police and fire departments? What about the people of East Sandwich without a fire station. The community school does have a revolving fund, but that does not make it a business.

    Cecelia Hoover

  24. Oh Cecelia, can't you see that the school committee is just out to beat the community school to shreds. After they have taken the profit makers, they will throw out the rest. The children will be better off but the town as a whole will not. I'll bet you will not see any of the school committee people at the community school thats why they don't want it. You see they don't need it. Its the same old garbage that is why I have given up on the lies of town government.

    A not conerned citizen of the beautiful town of Sandwich

  25. I can see why you are anonymous(last anonymous). Can't wait to here Mr. Simmons come back.

  26. OK, I hate to disappoint anyone. So here's a few thoughts:

    1) I'm getting out because I'm tired of arguing the same issue multiple times with folks who have not done any research -- other than a random discussion with a friend at the soccer field. i recognize that everybody has a right to an uninformed opinion, and I also recognize that my growing intolerance of people's unwillingness to gain any understanding beyond rumors and gossip will probably make me a less than ideal public servant.

    2) My personal email address IS listed on the School Committee website along with an email adddress that automatically routes incoming emails to ALL members of the School Committee. I do respond to almost every email I receive -- although I can't take seriously any unsigned email with an address starting with "Braless32A@... "

    3) I have written numerous checks to the Community School for courses by myself and my family over the years. I think its a great service and we are working hard to maintain it.

    4) I don't understand the comment "the other part of government in this town subsidizes the school budget". The taxpayers pay the ENTIRE school budget. My only issue is that it has to be very clear that some of the money the taxpayers of Sandwich are giving to the schools is actually being used to operate a swimming pool -- which is enjoyed by many folks from other towns.

    Why are we paying for Mashpee folks to swim?

    More importantly, people need to stop pretending the Community School pays for itself. Can you imagine the hole we would be in if they had gone ahead and built their new building? Who would have ended up paying for THAT ?

    5) Just a reminder ... the Community School lost $190,000 for the year BEFORE the old Executive Council was disbanded AND before it paid for any of its utilities last year -- which was way more than the $60,000 the School District charged the Community School for utilities.

    6) Here's another fun fact, the Community School Council executed leases obligating the Town to future payments for various pieces of equipment. These obligations were never authorized by the School Committee, Selectmen, or Town Meeting. If the CS were to be shut down, the School District would be liable for the remaining balance due on these leases.

    7) The answer to the question about why the Schools don't pay the Town for health insurance and benefits is easy -- the School is paid for by the Town. The only source of revenue to the District comes through the Town. If the School paid the benefits, the Town would be giving the school the money and then the school would be giving it back.

    We have discussed moving the benefits costs onto the school budget and adjusting the town contribution accordingly -- that would frequently benefit the schools because any savings related to lay-offs would go directly back to the school budget.

    8) I "engage in dialogue" all the time -- ask my family who spends far too much time waiting for me as I "dialogue" with folks all over town (movies, Stop & Shop, Dump, beach, gas station, school field, etc.)-- or as I burn up my Blackberry in the family room at night (or occaisionally at stop lights!). It's hard, however, to "dialogue" with anonymous folks.

    I got one of my best pieces of advice from somebody I met working at a local gas station last week -- "Next time you want to get elected to something, make sure it's something you get paid for! You shouldn't be putting up with all that shit for free!!"

    (In the interests of full disclosure, I did receive $.50 for my service to the Town this year when Selectman Jim Pierce split the $1.00 he earns with me.)

  27. Mr. Simmons, people would probably be on your side if you were not always putting the blame on someone else and seldom conceding that you may be wrong or at least partly wrong.

    My guess is that you can read tea leaves well because you are not running again. You know, the attitude is what caused others to lose school races.

    As for Mr. Pierce, he must have felt you were worth the $.50. I suggest you donate it to the schools.

  28. Good Morning Mr. Hunt After all of the debate over the past severel months regarding the Community pool,some type of resolution should be forthcomming to those of us that have paid for this pool from our tax dollars. The pool no doubt serves a very good role here in the Sandwich Comunity and there in lies the inherent lack of equity when we allow non taxpayers to use our pool at the same value as those of us that have paid the bill over time.

    Why should a non resident be allowed to use our Sandwich Community pool at the same or close to fee as now is the case?

    For example a punch card charge,is the same no matter if you are resident or non resident $80 for both.

    A one year rate for a resident is $469 as apposed to a non resident charge of $479.

    A three month fee for a Sandwich resident is $199 and a none resident fee is $209.

    How many taxpayers would find that fee schedual fair to the Sandwich User?

    Presently we have 6 listed public pools on Cape Cod,

    YMCA of Cape Cod
    Tara Club @ the Tara Hyannis Hotel and resort
    Chatham Health and Swim club
    Ocean Edge resort and golf club
    N Eastham Willy's Gym
    Community school Sandwich

    The YMCA charges an annual fee to those younger than 59, $540 plus a $75 joiner fee, if you are 60 or older the annula fee is $408 plus a $75 joiner fee.

    I have not further researched the others, but one should ask themselves once again, why should our tax dollars be used to subsidize non residents that are getting the benifit from our Sandwich tax dollars, so they can swim in our pool?

    Falmouth, for example just recently turned down a proposal to install a public pool in Falmouth We basically have a captive user group that in many cases do not even want a pool in there own town.

    We are one of only public pools on the cape, yet we have many who have found our pool, that are non resident complain and write letters of distain in regards to a safety concern in regards to nude adults and children in the same dressing area?

    Why did we allow non residents, from the surrounding towns to address the community of Sandwich to speak so freely at public forum, when they are not paying the full bill of its use.

    As I get more information I will post it. We need to address the use of this pool from the community of Sandwich first, before we enter in with agreements from non residents, especially on the fee structure.

    Carl Johansen

    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  29. As usual Mr. J, you interperse into the conversation a stretch from discussion of the health and safety issue of our children with whether or not outsiders can speak at a public forum.

    I think that as long as it is not overdone, then maybe we should listen to their side. Get all the facts as suggested by the minority of the School Committee. What was the harm? The pool effects them and they may have some good arguments albeit selfish.

    Do the other public pools have the same type and quality of program? Don't get going full blast as you always do, but reserve your arguments so that they are not antagonistic. Some of the folks from other towns may have to use the Sandwich Pool because they can not afford the others let alone not being able to afford the Sandwich Pool. Maybe it is much more convenient.

    What happens if we substantially raise the fee to $400 or over, will we lose some? Will we lose the money that they might give? The School Committee minority would love that, then the Community School would bring in less, go out of business and make them all happy.

    Let's not destroy the Community School. Let's embrace it as an asset to all the community. You know as well as I do why this mess started. It makes older people feel like perverts when you write dumb things like "naked men". Yes you are right about them being naked, but almost every child in high school must have seen a naked person. Are these men perverts because they shower naked? Are they different naked then the children in high school?

    Why so you focus on the negative and not the solution? Have you gone before the Community School Committee? You are a bright man and I am sure if you look at the pool and locker rooms you could help with solution, that is if you are not old and have your cloths on.

    Not once during the back and forth did Killion, Susko, or the next chairman offer anything to solve theproblem. Does that tell you something?

    Why do you not address me directly? Afraid?

  30. Carl Johansen would state to 12.16 post. Perhaps you should reread the post and then you may get a better understanding of what was posted.

    First off the annual pool fee is already over $400, If you read the post it is stated at $469 in Sandwich for a resident and $479 for a non resident. Is that not unfair?

    Seeing how those non residents that may use the pool are limited in where they can go, I would doubt, that they would stop going. Why should my tax dollars subsidize a non resident's pleasure of pool time?
    Why should my tax dollars be used to listen to non residents complain about how they think it is unfair when a safety issue violation has occured that infringed upon there right to swim in our Sandwich Town Community pool.

    This is not a regional pool, The Sandwich Community does not include Falmouth, Hyannis,Mashpee,Bourne Barnstable. If it did then those towns would be providing financial compensation to its operation. They do not, as of the last time I checked on who pays the bills.

    The title states it is the Sandwich Community School Pool, Not the Sandwich Regional Community Pool.

    I know that the spin has been placed on the word community by those from outside of our town to make it look like every town on the cape can come here to swim on our tax dollar and when they cannot they get upset.

    If the non resident want to pay the bill for operating and using this pool, that would be one thing. The time has come to place a value on the resident tax payer who has been subsidizing all of the non residents and provide a fair market value to its use, by both the resident and non resident users.
    It sure would provide a more equitable solution to the financial losses being incurred under the present fee policy of non residents getting a free ride on the backs of the Sandwich Taxpayers.

    As a parting note [I fear no one] If I did, I would not be using my real name here.

    Carl Johansen

    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  31. Kar Joe, Carl J's friendMay 12, 2011 at 6:32 AM

    Johansen, go re-read my post. Its more about why should they not be able to go to the pool as they bring it money. If you think its not enough, fine, I also think the Community School can raise it. I would say that if you think so, then suggest it, other than in this antagonistic way. Maybe get on its board...oh that won't happen.

    Also a point you neglected to answer was that people are finding reasons not to fix the problem at the pool (or even try). They only bring up what can't be done and not what can be done. Ted Kennedy once brought back a quote that said some see things as they are and say why, others see things as they might be and say why not. You always say why not, try to say this is how we can do it instead. You are a smart man and could bring a lot of positive momentum to the table if you would only try. Don't be afraid, run for office, you might be surprised how well you might do, get on a committee like at the Community School, people might listen to you.

  32. Carl Johansen would add that after a nice discussion with the Community School Director last night that a change to the structure of pool fees may well be on its way.

    It would seem that many others have expressed a similar veiw point in regards to resident and non resident users of our Sandwich Community School pool.

    The pool may well get things turned around into being a profitable enity, that will assist the over all health of the community school that will allow it to operate as it should be, going into the future.

    Every program under the jurisdictional power of the Sandwich Community School should realize some positive cash flow. Not many business in todays world can survive long term on a negative cash flow, so any help to boost the income is a plus.

    Carl Johansen

    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  33. Karl Joe Hansome Esq., Phd, dba, llc,.orgMay 12, 2011 at 2:45 PM

    Thank you Mr. Johansen. Its great that we hear things. We are thankful for your information, but do wonder why the elected officials and administrators can't get it out.


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