Sunday, January 17, 2010

Life's first major milestone: Potty training

There are few things you accomplish in life that thrill your parents more than conquering the potty. It’s a right of passage. It lets you put away the diapers for 60 or 70 years, if you’re lucky.

One of our grandsons has met this challenge recently and is not at all embarrassed to let us know how proud he is of himself and how proud his mom and dad are to be affiliated with him.

To honor his accomplishment and to motivate future grandsons who will be following in his footsteps, I wrote a song called “Potty Boy.” It’s kind of a guy thing to sing about one’s bathroom prowess, so I’ll spare our granddaughters from this brazen tastelessness.

Click here to listen to “Potty Boy.”

Potty Boy

You’re such a big boy
Goin’ in the potty
You’ll grow to love it
Have your own party

You’re such a big boy
Standin’ up to tinkle
Do it like the bears do
Rocky and Bullwinkle

Number 1
Number 2
Gimme a “Pee” [Pee]
Gimme a “Poo” [Poo]

You’re such a big boy
(Teetee, weewee, peepee)
Goin’ in the potty
(Caca, doodoo, poopoo)
Never wear a diaper
(Teetee, weewee, peepee)
Underwear so spotty
(Caca, doodoo, poopoo) [And tracky]

Copyright 2010 Randy Hunt


  1. I don't know, but I think your next move is American Idol. If Pants on the Ground can hit the big time, why not Potty Boy?

    Great Job!!

  2. Randy, Although we got thru this a few years ago, our 6 year old got lots of giggles being reminded how big an event this is. Mom and Dad also got some chuckles. Thanks for taking your valuable (tax-payer paid?) time to create this masterpiece.

  3. Thanks, Tom. No, it was contrived, written and recorded on a Sunday back in January 2010. Not on the public dole back then.


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