Monday, January 11, 2010

Coakley takes a big dig at Teddy

I watched Martha Coakley’s campaign commercial at least 40 times over the weekend, during which I learned several things:

She should have shot a second or third commercial to help spice it up some. Watching the same spot over and over and over and over and over and over (you get the idea) again is mind numbing.

She has a big budget. This ad is on every channel I frequent, and frequently. I can’t blame her for turning it on, now that Scott Brown has emerged as a real threat to Coakley’s inheritance of her Kennedy-given senate seat.

I love how she says “Toozday.” It’s very cute in her nasally voice, although I think she should consider using Breathe Right Nasal Strips.

After last week’s surprise endorsement by Vicki Kennedy, I was a little taken aback by the anti-Kennedy tone of the ad. Why does she take a big dig at Teddy by starting the commercial with “Isn’t it about time to bring back real accountability to Wall Street and Washington?” Those are pretty caustic words towards our beloved nine-term senator coming from someone who has essentially accomplished nothing and who would enter the senate as its most junior member and stay that way for the next ten months.

Then to add insult to injury, Coakley’s tag line for her campaign is “a different kind of leader.” Another slap at Ted Kennedy’s leadership in the U.S. Senate and his representation of Massachusetts over these last 46 years. I don’t know anyone, Democrat or Republican, who thinks that Senator Kennedy was an ineffective leader in the Senate or a poor representative for Massachusetts.

The only other interpretation I can see for “a different kind of leader” is Coakley’s admission that she’s no Ted Kennedy. “Hey electorate, don’t expect me to be able to get anything done ala Senator Kennedy. He was powerful, influential, driven, true to his liberal agenda, and brought home the bacon to Massachusetts. I’m a different kind of leader.”

Copyright 2010 Randy Hunt


  1. Compare Coakley's ads to Brown's. Scott is and has been a leader in everything he has done which clearly comes out in his ads. He is also a family man and really nice person. All correctly are apparent in his media.

    I have known Scott Brown for several years and have served alongside him in the Legislature. He has a clear record of cutting taxes, reforming government and fighting AGAINST waste and FOR common sense policies. I am certain that he will bring the same common sense attitude to Capitol Hill as he has to Beacon Hill.

  2. Mr. Hunt as an independant voter and having voted in every election since It was possible. I would never agree with you about Senator Kennedy in any shape whats so ever.

    Massachusetts, in my opinion, could have been better served by some one whom did not need to operate with money derived from the fortunes of illegal activities by his father.

    When you marry that with what happened with Mary Joe K at Chappy I would be hard pressed to ever support the man no matter how liberal he was.


  3. Carl, if I could show you a picture of me with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek, would that help?


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