Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Mary and I treated ourselves to a Keurig Single-Cup Coffee Brewer for an early Christmas present. It’s a bit of an extravagance, but really quite handy for our clients who might want a cup of coffee or tea. You hate to brew a whole pot and just pour one or two cups.

Not having worked one of these things before, I was fascinated with how you can control the strength of a brew, make iced tea, and not have much of anything to clean up. Pretty cool.

Last night, we went to Kohl’s in Wareham to pick up some last minute Christmas gifts. I wanted to look at men’s gloves and Mary wanted to look at women’s pocketbooks, so we started to head in different directions. Mary called to me and said, “I’ll meet you where they sell the K-Cups.”

I picked up a pair of gloves and went to meet Mary. Now I know that selecting a pocketbook is on the same order as choosing a vendor to manufacture an F-22 fighter plane, but after ten minutes I was a getting a little antsy.

I was standing there tapping my toe and singing along with the Muzak Christmas carols under my breath, smiling at the women who sashayed by me.

Finally, Mary walks up and asks, “Where have you been?”

“Where have I been? Where have you been?”

“I told you to meet me at the K-Cups.”

“Hello… I’ve been standing here for fifteen minutes.”

“This is the lingerie department.”

Oh, I thought to myself. Even for one with as fertile an imagination as I have, the thought of a K cup size did seem a little extreme, if not frightening.

“So… What kind of coffee did you get?”


  1. LOL Yeah, Randy a K-cup is frightening! By the way, we've had a Keurig for about 3 yrs. Where the heck have you been? Spending too much time shopping! You are the best accountant around, but really, this technology has been around for a while! Saves you money and you always get a fresh cup of coffee. Anyway, you can write this off as a business expense!! Thought you might appreciate this tip.

    Your good friend,
    Marie Oliva

  2. Marie, you think you're all hotsie totsie with your three-year-old Keurig coffee maker. I just figured out how to get the clock on my VCR to stop blinking. How's that making you feel? You... You... Hotsie Totsie Woman?

  3. Hi Mr. Hunt - Some postings on the Sandwich Moms' Club Google group today reminded me of this post of yours (you will have to take my word that I'd forgotten the lingerie department bit). Not a coffee drinker myself, I don't know any of this first hand, but just thought I'd pass on that people are raving about Cape and Islands Coffee Service (in the Bell Tower Mall in Centerville or at as a source for K-cups. Evidently they have great prices, great customer service, and free delivery w/online orders (which is good for avoiding department store mishaps).


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