Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas letter 2039

After sending Christmas cards all these years, we decided to join the “annual Christmas email” gang. At the tender age of 82, I can hardly see to address an envelope and I can never remember where we put the stamps.

A friend showed me how to blow up these letters in Microsoft Word 2035 so Mary and I can see what the hell we’re typing. It makes life easier, but you have to scroll a lot.

We tried the darned fool voice recognition thing, but it still gets half the words wrong. We can send a man to Jupiter, but my computer still can’t make heads or tails out of my shaky voice.

It’s like those dad blamed cell phones. I remember thinking back at the turn of the century that they’d fix the connection problems, but they still drop calls like an oil soaked juggler.

Well anyway, another year has passed by and I can hardly believe it. Modern medicine is responsible for keeping me breathing, eating and crapping. At my age, it’s the crapping part that seems most important.

Mary and I visited some of the kids during the summer. No, that’s not right. I think some of the kids came up here to Cape Cod. Hold on a second…

I was right on both counts. We flew down to Dallas to see Chris, Bryan and Jeff and their families in June. Then Sarah, Gayle and Dan and their families came to see us for the Fourth of July. It was on a Monday this year and the parade was as good as ever. U.S. Senator Jeff Perry was there and delivered a great speech.

The kids want me to quit driving. That’s silly, of course. The only thing I’ve taken out this year is the mail box. (Twice.) Last year’s pin ball machine accident in the grocery store parking lot was not my fault. If they’d clearly marked the gas and brake pedals, it never would’ve happened.

We installed an elevator to make it easier to go upstairs to bed. We had one of those chair lifts for years, but Mary always got mad at me for not sending it back down after I rode it up. It’s like leaving the toilet seat up, I suppose, except that I can’t use the toilet that way anymore. Too much lateral spray these days, Mary says. Probably more than you needed to know.

The Christmas tree looks great. We got one of those that extends like a telescope and unfolds the branches automatically. It’s got all the lights already attached and they run on a battery hidden in the trunk. You charge it for one night and the LED lights are good to go for 21 days. It comes with a remote on/off button and it plays Christmas carols. I had it on the wrong setting and it was playing Sivivon, Sov, Sov, Sov for the first three nights.

Here's a picture Mary took of me on our anniversary in October. I'm still quite the handsome devil, don't you agree?

That’s about all I can think of for this first email Christmas letter. Merry Christmas to all and may 2040 be a wonderful and prosperous year for everyone.

Randy & Mary

Copyright 2009 Randy Hunt

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  1. Merry Christmas to the Hunts in the year 2040.
    Being 105 should I live that long means I endured severel procedures to keep me alive , one being my second heart transplant along with one lung transplant. Modern medicine has come a long way. I could never find a procedure that eliminated my constant pain from lowere disk problems They are still working on that one and who knows perhaps next year a break through may happen. As far as Senator Perry goes I see him extending his seat for another three years and giving back the common people its voice in congress. We finally have a new town hall, police and fire buildings where they should be located. That is user friendly. I see the school system operating out of two buildings and that we have enough money in the coffers to make Sandwich a town governed by a Mayor.

    We never got enough money to rebuild the section of down town that was flooded out when the protective barrier came apart during a hard winter blow, flooded all of coast line and the beach is now where the police and fire stations were once on.

    Changes are comming we say each year , but they keep inventing new ways to change how development will occur here in Sandwich, yet nothing ever seems to get done . I am about to get my first eye transplant perhaps I will be able to see myself in the mirror and not be lost in the dark so much.

    It is that time of year and in reality we all need to thank our maker for what we all have friends, brothers, sisters, father, mother
    grand parents, teachers, ministers, priest, rabbi and of course Santa Clause


    MR J


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