Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2009 trip to Texas: Day 12

Monday morning was taken up locating all of the things that escaped from the suitcase and shoulder bags and getting them back in our luggage for the trip home. Our daughter, Sarah, was also heading out for a week long training class in Orlando for new managers at Ernst & Young, so we agreed that she would drop us off at a hotel close to DFW.

Our other daughter, Gayle, was flying with Sarah to act as nanny for baby Charlotte while Sarah attended classes. We stopped for lunch and then said our goodbyes at the Westin Hotel.

Later we were joined by Dan and Bryan at the hotel bar for dinner. Planted right in front of the big screen TV, we suffered through the first half of the Saints/Patriots game. The boys took off and we retired to our room to watch the hapless Patriots try to corral a (quite literally) perfect Drew Brees.

There is a chance that two undefeated teams could meet in the Super Bowl. That would be unprecedented, of course, but it would have an interesting side effect: Mercury Morris would have no choice but to keep his flap trap shut.

Copyright 2009 Randy Hunt

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