Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Day 2009

Here are some of the many photos I promised to upload when we got to a broadband Internet connection. These are from Thanksgiving Day 2009 (and a few from the night before).

You can download any of these shots from Flickr at a variety of resolutions. For printing, download the “original” size. For viewing on a computer, “medium” or “large” should do the trick.

To download a photo, start playing the slideshow then pause it by clicking the || icon. Select the photo you want in the filmstrip at the bottom then click on the photo in the viewer. (Use the left and right triangles to move left or right in the filmstrip.) Select “All Sizes” (just above the photo) then select the resolution you desire and click download.

For a full screen slideshow, click on the icon at the bottom right hand corner that has the four arrows pointing out. Hit the Esc key to return leave full screen mode.

Copyright 2009 Randy Hunt


  1. You're in Texas and I see a Colts shirt but no Texans or Cowboy clothing. What's up?

  2. I'm a die hard Patriots fan. When we were at the Fort Worth Stockyards yesterday, Mary talked to a lady who was wearing a Pats jacket. She had the requisite accent.

    But Dallas and Fort Worth are definitely Cowboys fan cities. Interstate 30 between the two cities is named the Tom Landry Highway.


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