Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Barack Obama: Actions speak louder than words

Guest editorial by Jim Killion

At some point in our lives we have heard the expression that “actions speak louder than words” and it stems from the fundamental belief that talk is in fact, cheap. This basic rule of modern behavior has never been more prescient as we try to peel the layers off of Barack Obama. We discovered during the campaign that the man is a gifted speaker, but now nearly eleven months into his presidency, his leadership skills leave much to be desired. In fact, besides breaking the bank with a massive government expansion bill which was deceptively portrayed as economic stimulus, he has accomplished very little and continues to compromise our security.

However, in the past few days we got a glimpse at what makes BHO tick and it wasn’t necessarily anything he did or said but rather what he chose to avoid. This week marked the 20th anniversary to the end of communism and Soviet rule in Eastern Europe yet despite an invitation to join with them to celebrate and speak on the occasion, BHO declined. He claimed that he was too busy to make the trip, but honestly, is anyone really buying that story? Somehow, he found the time to fly across the Atlantic to try and work his magic on the Olympic Committee in an attempt to line the pockets of a few cronies, but now he’s completely booked? Nice try.

I am one who believes that the demise of the Soviet Union and communism was one of the greatest American achievements of the 20th century. Despite the fact that Europeans have decided to write Ronald Reagan out of the history books, this great American president was responsible for ending the cold war and freeing millions when the iron curtain fell two decades ago. So why is it that President Obama, who adores sycophantic European crowds almost as much as he adores himself, would choose to take a pass? There has been great speculation as to where his ideology may lie but perhaps he truly laments the demise of communism. Maybe now that he is the first President of the World, Obama feels that the United States had no right to put the Soviet Union out of business.

The jury is still out as to whether President Obama has any ideological leanings toward socialism or communism but it has become perfectly clear that he abhors capitalism and believes in big government control. Where does he plan on taking America in the next three years? I suspect as far left as he possibly can. But I’m guessing that the only way we’ll know what he’s scheming is by turning down the volume and paying very close attention.

Jim Killion
Sandwich, MA


  1. Sandwich is a town that has received how many stimulas dollars? How many?


  2. We get stimulus dollars, spend it on new stuff, then next year when the money comes in we get rid of teachers.

    I think Mr. Killion is out in right field, but I have to say, Obama is a sorry President (at best).

    Let us get rid of all the rhetoric and talk to each other. Just forget the Republican Democrat stuff and speak of good people for public office and also for good ideas that will help us all.

    To Mr. Killion the fall of the Soviet Union was one of the greatest achievements, but to me, it was a great achievement but far from the greatest. The greatest were in health care, physics, chemistry, bringing more minorities to positions of prominence, electing a black President, electing women to the house and senate, electing a black governor, getting better people on the Supreme Court, more Catholics blacks and women on the supreme court, marriage for all people, making people buy health insurance, social security, medicare, prop. 2.5, the NFL and the crowning achievement of perhaps the entire history of the earth, the Election of Bill Clinton.


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