Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2009 trip to Texas: The day before

We’re flying to Dallas tomorrow to see the newest addition to our family, Charlotte Gayle.

Like I did last year, I’ll post a daily diary entry to the blog to keep everyone apprised of our progress. We’ll be heading down to my brother’s ranch on Tuesday to help them prepare for the 30 some odd relatives that will storm the place on Thanksgiving.

Last night, I priced some options for getting to Logan Airport and it’s unbelievable how much it costs to park a car there. We’ll be leaving Thursday and returning Tuesday, December 1st, which amounts to 13 parking days.

Limosine service – The advantage of this option is skipping the parking fees and it’s door-to-terminal. Cost: $320 round trip plus tip, which at 15%, adds $48 (some people say 20% is the proper tip for a limo driver). Here’s a tip: Keep the limo washed and polished for someone else.

Even a limo can get to and from Logan twice on less than a tank of gas. We’ll say $40. Wear and tear on the car? Maybe 20 cents a mile times 300 miles, or $60. That leaves $220 for the driver (without the tip) and profit.

It takes about four hours to make the round trip once, so figure eight hours of time for the driver. What does a driver pull down? $15 an hour plus tips? I don’t know. Say it’s $15 an hour.

That’s $120 for the driver, leaving $100 profit for the owner, before paying for insurance, workers comp, social security, Medicare, the mortgage, property taxes, utilities, telephone, lawyers, CPAs…

Okay, I can see why it costs so much.

Drive to Logan and park in Central Parking – This has been our regular M.O. when flying out of Logan. Cost: $312 to park plus about $25 of gas. Not cheap. Next alternative please.

Drive to the Park & Fly in Braintree – I haven’t tried this, but I know several people who like this option. Cost: $176 to park and ride the bus to Logan plus about $20 of gas. Now we’re entering the realm of reasonableness.

P&B bus from the Sagamore Bridge commuter lot – This one entails talking someone into dropping us off at the commuter lot because I really don’t want to leave my car sitting there for nearly two weeks. Cost: $82 for two round-trip tickets to Logan. Bingo!

Is anyone interested in dumping us off at the Sagamore commuter lot tomorrow morning around 9:30? I can rake a few leaves for you when we get back.

Copyright 2009 Randy Hunt

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