Saturday, November 28, 2009

2009 trip to Texas: Day 9

The day after Thanksgiving is all about the leftovers and how creative you can be with them. I had turkey quesadillas with cheese, green chile salsa, and a dab of cranberry sauce.

In the evening, Alan and I went out to look for hogs. We took the Kawasaki Mule to a neighboring property and set up at a high point to monitor a couple of large hay fields. By “large” I mean 35 to 40 acres for one and about 25 acres for the other.

We had nearly a full moon, so there was enough light to see large, contrasting objects like hay bales in the field, but not enough light to see animals more than a couple of hundred feet away.

Of course, we were equipped with Alan’s night vision equipment and, with the aid of the moonlight, we could see like owls. The goggles intensify the available light up to 60,000 times, so making out deer at 500 yards was no problem.

In fact, we watched as a buck and four does grazed, moving closer and closer to us until they were no more than 100 yards away. We weren’t interested in deer, however, as they pose no threat to anyone’s ranch or livestock. They were fun to watch and were certainly vigilant, looking up every few seconds to scan for predators.

In the end, after two hours of surveillance, we only spied deer, a few coyotes, and plenty of cattle. By the way, these cattle don’t stop eating at dark. It seems that they just can’t get enough of that coastal grass.

I drove the four-wheel drive utility vehicle back to the ranch with the aid of the night vision goggles and we hung up and stowed away our gear for another time.

Copyright 2009 Randy Hunt

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  1. Can you bring me some Texas BBQ Brisquet please?


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