Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2009 trip to Texas: Day 6

We drove down to Alan and Mary’s ranch, a relatively short 4½ hour ride from Rockwall. Interstate 35 passes by Killeen, home of Ft. Hood, and that brought up thoughts about the Islamic terrorist and how that will play out over the next year or so.

We arrived mid-afternoon in our rented POJ (piece of junk) after listening to the unbelievably loud transmission and wheel whirring. The POJ was, you guessed it if you have been following this blog for awhile, a Chrysler.

I’m not even sure what this thing is. Apparently, they’re too embarrassed to put a label on the car to identify it, but it’s kind of a 1930’s looking car with a hatchback that holds far too little luggage and drives like a sailboat.

We unloaded the POJ of everything we could get into it; Sarah and Mark will bring the rest of the stuff on Wednesday.

After dark, Alan and I went on a reconnaissance mission for feral hogs. He loaned me his night vision goggles, which are the same model that is used by the Army in Iraq—they even came with the Army manual. (By the way, pictures of all this stuff will come later. I’m somewhat limited regarding what I can upload via the telephone Internet connection here.)

These things light up the night like you’re watching a black-and-white movie shot in the daytime. We drove several miles down the dirt county roads surrounding the ranch a scoured the fields for sounders of hogs.

Alan had his .308 caliber rifle equipment with a night vision scope and laser targeting light. I was packing a .44 magnum revolver with a laser targeting light built into the grip.

Good for the fields, but bad for hunting, we spotted nothing but a couple of skunks.

We’ll keep trying. Stay tuned.

Copyright 2009 Randy Hunt

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  1. Can you PLEASE bring home some BBQ Brisquet. I will pay you dearly for authentic BBQ.


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