Thursday, November 19, 2009

2009 trip to Texas: Day 1

Mary was thrilled with the P&B bus ride from the Sagamore Bridge commuter lot to Logan Airport. I’m not being sarcastic here. She was really excited about it. It turns out that she’s only had to ride a bus maybe once or twice in her entire life. Yes, my princess, this is how lots of people get around.

Just to make it easier for those unfamiliar with our family, our six kids are:

Chris – 27
Sarah – 27
Bryan – 26
Dan – 25
Gayle – 22
Jeff – 20

We arrived at Logan with enough time to enjoy a leisurely lunch before boarding the 4½ hour flight to Dallas. Bryan (2001 Sandwich High School graduate, known to his friends there as “Tex”) picked us up at DFW. He starts a new job Monday after tying up a number of loose ends at his current job this week.

We’re staying at Sarah and Mark’s place in Rockwall (just east of Dallas) until we drive to Alan and Mary’s ranch next Tuesday. Tonight, we were joined by Jeff, who drove up from Austin. He’s at the University of Texas. Bryan graduated from Texas A&M, so the game between the two schools on the 28th will generate some intra-family trash talking.

The precious grandkids are the focus of our trip.


Sarah & Charlotte

Copyright 2009 Randy Hunt

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