Saturday, October 3, 2009

101st Post! (New look.)

Now that I've gotten past the 100th post thing, which I have been furiously planning for a couple of weeks, it's back to my regular routine: Alienating my remaining friends.

You'll notice a new look for the blog. It's readable. That's my primary concern. I hate these red-print-on-black-background blogs that sacrifice legibility for effect.

You might also notice a couple of new gadgets in the right-hand column:

1) Search Randy's Blog - You can search the blog for anything you like. For example, if you're worried that I might have mentioned you (or are preparing your lawsuit), just search on your name.

2) Recent Comments - The most recent seven comments are listed here. This is helpful for people following some of the older posts that continue to accumulate comments.

3) Share It - This gadget allows you to share your enthusiasm for this blog by clicking a button. (I wouldn't want you to go to any more trouble than pressing your mouse button once. I mean, you must already be exhausted just having surfed your way to this blog in the first place.)

4) Index of All Posts - This isn't new, but it's the quickest way to peruse the blog. Try it by clicking here.

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