Sunday, January 25, 2009

Music is in the ear of the beholder

Once in a while I get the chance to sit down for a couple of hours and record a piece of music. More often than not, it’s not a song writing venture. Rather, it’s an opportunity to capture a few ideas on the computer that might be useful someday.

These short pieces usually remain unnamed and are more likely to be background music in one of my videos than turning into songs one day. Here’s a sample of three such tunes I like to call music beds.

Music Bed One (0:50)

Music Bed Two (1:08)

Music Bed Three (1:38)

Other times, there’s a specific purpose for composing a piece of music. For a series of TV commercials for Ring Bros Marketplace in South Dennis, I was looking to create a retro piece of music that would remind people of the 50s and 60s; a time when markets were smaller, you knew the butcher by name, and milk was delivered to your doorstep.

Ring Bros Jingle (0:30)

You can watch the commercials at

Lastly, I’m sometimes inspired by an event and capture it in music before the moment gets away. One of those times was when I heard that our grandson had successfully completed his first day of potty training. Time for a song: Potty Boy.

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  1. Randy, I just listened to "Potty Boy". Still giggling. Waiting to hear what you write for the grand-girls! And I just bought a Keurig - you have ruined "K-Cups" for me! Keep blogging.
    A supporter, BarbaraJ


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