Sunday, November 2, 2008

Road trip to Texas: Day 16 (end of the trip)

The last leg of our road trip to Texas started in Blacksburg, VA, and ended in Sandwich, MA, as we arrived at the house around 11pm. I drove the entire 5,540 miles, not because Mary was unwillingly to drive, but because I am the worst back seat driver in the history of back seat drivers. By the way, those of you who voted in the poll that our car with 177,000 miles on it (now 183,000 miles) would make the trip without a breakdown, you were right. The final result was 16 with faith and 3 without.

We saw at least 40 marked and unmarked state trooper vehicles on Interstate 81 in Virginia. The troopers were out, on a Saturday no less, wielding radar guns and handing out tickets. I don't accept the argument that they are doing anything at all to make I-81 safer. The massive effort is being undertaken for one reason only: Add $'s to the state's coffers. We may well see such overt fund raising campaigns spring up in other states which are seeing their tax revenues and federal subsidies waning.

I have to say that the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut is the most intense part of the driving experience between Cape Cod and the Hudson River. I like it because it's very scenic and allows no truck traffic. However, you must drive between 65 and 70 in order not to be a nuisance (and risk being rear ended). At night, the 37-mile roadway is even more fun and hair raising. We completed the race course without contacting any of the other competitors' cars, so I consider it a victory.

Now that I have easier access to my online accounts, I have posted a number of additional photos below that you might find interesting. The first set is of El Paso, Texas. You'll notice the level of pollution present, a problem that is at its worst in October and November due to persistent air inversions that prevent the smoke from dispersing. In all of the scenes taken from Scenic Drive, the areas closest to the horizon are in Mexico.

Hoghunters: Dan (our son), Randy and Alan (my brother)

Henry (my niece Angie's husband) cooking fajitas

My sister-in-law Mary's proof of her readiness to take the test to acquire a license to carry

Various faces from the ranch


  1. Glad to see you both got back safely. Looking forward to Wednesday eve and dinner!

    Your Democratic friends

  2. that anonymous comment must have been Aunt Cathy. HA!

    As Sandy the Squirrel would sing "oh how I wish I was in Texas, the ocean's (or New Mexico's) no place for a girl, er uh, squirrel"

  3. How come no pics of Mary? Or of Midland? Did Yawl make it through there on your trip. I know this is 2 weeks late after you posted it, but I just found it on my computer. Guess who?

  4. Mary's a tad camera shy. We did pass through Midland on the way from Dallas to El Paso. We drove around Loop 250 just to see how much it's grown, but we didn't stop. However, we did have lunch at Warfield's close to the airport. Definitely Midland's top greasy spoon diner.


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