Wednesday, November 5, 2008

America has B.O.

Don’t let the title of this post fool you. I’m not bitter about the results of yesterday’s presidential election, I just think it’s a clever title.

I’m not bitter. I’m not bitter. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. I’m… not… bitter… (My therapist taught me that.)

The day before the 1992 election, I told my friends that I’d have to sell my watch in order to pay for the surely-to-be-increased taxes that would be coming if Bill Clinton won the White House. Making (sort of) good on my pledge, I went watchless for six months. Looking back on that, I’m not exactly sure what that proved, except that I was apparently bitter about the outcome of the election.

I’m not bitter. I’m not bitter. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. I’m… not… bitter…

This time, I made no such promises.

Okay, that’s a lie.

I did tell Mary that I would leave my life-sized Sarah Palin poster up for the next four years to remind me how good it made me feel that McCain (who was never my favorite candidate) had gone rogue and picked a moose hunting hockey mom with those adorable glasses and the As Seen On TV hair widget.

That fact is that no one really knows how this whole thing is going to play out. The economy isn’t going to turn on a dime. Some, if not most, of the costly promises will have to wait. And the media’s infatuation with Mr. Obama will quickly disappear.

For those of us just trying to knock out a living, times are going to be tough for awhile and we need to adjust our lifestyles to match our resources. Theoretically, that’s not really a bad thing under any economic conditions but, if we get used to living within our means, it will make the recovery take much longer.

Look at the Japanese. They’re savers by nature. The economic slowdown there is being exasperated by the fact that they refuse to spend their way out of it. They keep poking more money into their savings accounts and those mattresses they keep on the floor, whatever they’re called.

Anyway, nothing I’ve said in the last two paragraphs would be any different regardless of who won last night. The president does not control the economy. The economy simply gets blamed on the president when it’s bad (or, in this case, on the former president—watch and see) and the president takes credit for the economy when it’s good—pretty much the same way that Red Sox fans take credit for winning the World Series.

So here’s to a less contentious, united United States of America where we put away our partisan bickering and start doing the right things to rebuild a strong country. With leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, how could we go wrong?

I’m not bitter. I’m not bitter. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. I’m… not… bitter…


  1. Based upon what the next 4 years is likely to be like with this ultra-liberal new President, Randy I hope you can count a lot higher than ten! Perhaps the Election of Obama is just what the GOP needed to bring out some new conservative leaders. Go Sarah!

  2. One thing we GOPers have to resist is developing ODS--Obama Derangement Syndrome. We've seen 8 years of Bush Derangement Syndrome from the Left, and it's not pretty to watch. We have to lick our wounds and move forward. We also have to find candidates that won't be pigeonholed into the MSM's caricature of "old white guys" being the face of the party. That means Palin, but it also means people like Bobby Jindal and MIchael Steele.

  3. Look on the bright side RH, without the bitter, the sweet ain't as sweet.

  4. Mr.Hunt The economy of our town is a reflection of how the United States is reacting to its problem. We have plenty of blame to go around and that speaks to the leadership of the country in general and /or lack of leadership in the town of Sandwich as well. No matter which party has control in the United States or in our town of Sandwich, you can not spend money, you do not have, to make yourselve feel good. The structual deficit will never go away by simply saying it does not exist and sticking ones head in the sand and pretending that perhaps, we can move some numbers around and it will go away.

    Our great country has allowed many jobs to be outsourced across the world at what expence to our economy here at home? We have allowed in some cases world countrys to take our spoils from America and forever place an environmental hazard that may never be reconciled upon the people's of the world. We have allowed foriegn country's to indebt the United States to a point we no longer can operate as a true free nation.

    No wonder we are in such a mess with our economy.

    Leadership begins at home and like our nation we have the same philosophical approach here in our great town of Sandwich. We have leaders that will never understand what the words Structual Deficit mean and avoid addressing it from a practical point of view. This is not funny by any means,perhaps it is, to those that say infact,we just need to move a few numbers around and it will go away by itself. Now that is a joke. Sandwich is about to imbark on its annual budget process and how in good common sense, can our leaders even address our economic problems when they have not even addressed the LONG RANGE ECONOMIC plan for Sandwich since March of this year?

    Now that really is a joke,well not really. The good people of Sandwich will pay a heavy price for this lack of providing due dilligence to the position we elected them to perform and in the end the joke will be on every citizen in our great town of Sandwich.

    As far as Sarah P is concerned I would prefer having her type of leadership in place in our town as a true represenative of fisical responsability that could turn the joke around.

    CARL J

  5. Carl J is right--we can't spend money we don't have. But when that reality is presented, especially at budget or override time, the usual suspects(the educrats)threaten to burn down the town if we DON'T spend money we don't have. So how do we get around that next time?

  6. Carl J is right--we can't spend money we don't have. But when that reality is presented to the public, the usual suspects(i.e., the educrats) threaten to burn down civilization if they don't get their way. Until we find a way to sell reality better--and overcome the fear-mongers--budgetary follies will prevail.

  7. Swami With out a doubt the long range plans will most likely include some type of an override. I would like to see Sandwich place a non binding question on a ballot question to all of Sandwich to see if in fact, if the general population would indeed support one to begin with in the first place. No matter what it may be used for. It could answer all the questions about if one would pass or not. Just think about that for a moment. The taxpayers could tell those in power, once and for all if they would support being charged more in taxes and then every one could get a better idea about factual commitments. If the Taxpayers say no under any circumstances, then the long range plan will need to reflect a needed structual deficit plan to bring the expenses in line with the towns income. I would say that small incremental changes would then become prudent to close the differences.

    Under the present Board of Selectmen you would need a little more direction in leadership to get off the present thinking that Sandwich just needs to move a few numbers around and the strutual deficit will some how go away.
    1234567890 Time is running out.

    Carl J


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