Sunday, October 26, 2008

Road trip to Texas: Day 9

We made the trip from El Paso to my brother and sister-in-law's ranch, about 670 miles, in 9 and a half hours. We started the day at our grandson Christopher's basketball game in El Paso where, if we didn't take the initiative to keep score ourselves, everyone would have left with their self-esteem intact. Always the contrarian, I believe that competitive sports are meant for competition, the measurement of which happens to be the score. That's how life works. Get used to it. Anyway, our team won 30 to 28. Hey!!! You other kids suck!! (Just kidding.)

Our first potential encounter with feral hogs will be tomorrow morning. My brother, Alan, has his .308 readied with a night vision scope and I've got the Canon XL-1S loaded with Sony DV tape. If we're lucky, we'll capture the thrill of the hunt along with a back story as to why these wild pigs need to be controlled.

With the dial-up connection here at the ranch, I'm feeling a lot like Frank Pannorfi, technology-wise, so I'll have to wait to post photos until we're on our way home. I did take several more El Paso scenic shots before we left, which give you an idea of how large and polluted this city has become. It makes L.A. look healthy.

See you tomorrow...

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