Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Road trip to Texas: Day 5

We made the short drive from Rockwall to Ft. Worth this morning (about an hour) and spent the day with our son, Bryan. He's our 2001 graduate of Sandwich High School and 2006 graduate of Texas A&M with a degree in industrial distribution.

He chauffeured our tour of downtown Ft. Worth and TCU (Texas Christian University), pointed the way to the Colonial Country Club (home of the PGA Colonial Golf Tournament), and showed us the unbelievable amount of development and redevelopment going on in the city. It turns out that Ft. Worth sits right on top of the Barnett Shale natural gas deposit, the largest formation in Texas and possibly the entire country. The influx of money from taxes and royalties is driving this economic boom and revitalizing the once quiet and laid back Cowtown.

We spent a few hours at the Ft. Worth Stockyards, visiting the Cowboy Hall of Fame and many shops, and then watched some cowboys herding a dozen or so long horned steer down the street. Lunch was barbecued brisket sandwiches and dinner was a real treat; the best open flame grilled tenderloin steaks you'll ever sink your teeth into. http://www.h3ranch.com/

Mary is now speaking Texan 24 hours a day. The "y'alls" are back and I'm being called "honey" and "sweetie" more than I can remember. All good, I declare.

Tomorrow, we're off to El Paso, a short 600 miles west of here. There we have three more grandkids, my middle brother, and my mom. Time to pack it in.

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  1. Randy, day 5 lunch and dinner sounded yummie! I need to go back to Texas for a visit. I have many fond memories of the many visits I made there over the years. Some very nice people. Frank


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