Friday, October 31, 2008

Road trip to Texas: Day 14

I shot two feral hogs today (with the Canon camcorder). My brother Alan did the same with his 30-06. I didn't mention this before, but Alan also shot a coyote from about 325 yards with the same 30-06 on Tuesday. All of this will be put into perspective in my 30-minute documentary about cattle ranching and the economic damage that feral hogs and coyotes cause. I'll probably run a poll asking whether people want to see the killing gunshots in the video or not.

We took off from Alan and Mary's ranch at about noon today, starting our trek home. Tonight, we bunked up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, home of the one and only Bret Favre who, by the way, does not pronounce his own name correctly. I can't imagine anyone describing a cadre of military leaders as a "card of corporals who train recruits." What's so hard about saying Favre? It also bugged me for years that people in New Bedford made reference to Tarklin Hill Road. If you bother to read the sign, you'll see that it's Tarkiln Hill Road. Get it? It's a tar kiln. But I digress.

Gas was $2.099 just east of Houston. And the good feeling this price evoked lasted for a long, long time because it was dispensed by the slowest gas pump I have ever used. I timed it. No less than 45 seconds per gallon, making my 16-gallon fill up take 12 minutes. The only plus was that you can lock the pump nozzles in Texas. Well, make that anywhere in the entire United States south of Massachusetts. Who legislated that gas stations have to disable this ingenious devise in Massachusetts? Were people blowing themselves up on a regular basis because of the convenient locking mechanisms? I've heard the whole static electricity argument, but why is it that this physics phenomenon stops at the Massachusetts border? I digress again.

We hope to be somewhere in the vicinity of the nation's capitol tomorrow night. Wish us luck.


  1. I say keep the killing shots in the video. It's what happened.

    "Tarklin" Hill Road ...grr.

  2. Randy, sounds like you and Mary are having a great time. Away so long, you both may return with accents...Hope you got the bumper sticker I sent yesterday. It was about the election and Texas..See you when you get back. Cheers, David L.

  3. Hi, David. Yes, we saw the bumper sticker "seen in Texas." We'll be back tomorrow. See you next week.



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