Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Road trip to Texas: Day 12

Morning hunt for feral hogs: See yesterday's post. No hogs.

However, I did see a feral hog this afternoon. Judy, the Feral Hog, is a pet pig weighing in around 700 pounds. Her owner, Dale, raised her from a piglet and taught her a number of interesting tricks and behaviors. She rings a bell to get a treat, turns around in a circle, sits like a dog, and opens wide when Dale offers her a drink of Dr. Pepper. I captured all of this on video and, if we don't hunt down a wild feral hog, Judy may be the only hog you're going to see on this TV show.

We scouted a neighbor's ranch in preparation for our morning hunt. That didn't leave us enough time before dark to do any hunting, but that's only because we're counting on the sun to light the video. Alan has a night vision scope on his .308 that allows him to see in virtual blackness. A blank screen for half an hour on TV not being the most thrilling quality time, we've opted for hunting two to three hours after the break of dawn and before the end of dusk. The other option was a $4,000 night vision attachment for the video camera but, of course, that was not really ever an option.

Here's to tomorrow's hunt. It should be around 35 degrees when we get out there. Heckuva vacation, wouldn't you say?

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