Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Road trip to Texas: Day 11

Monday, October 27th, started the same way as Sunday: 6am wake up, cup of coffee, and out the door twenty minutes before the break of dawn. Getting around out in the fields and back country is pretty easy thanks to my brother's Kawasaki Mule. It's a 4-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle about 70% of the size of a Jeep. (See it at:

We saw no hogs. We did see a couple of deer, but Alan doesn't hunt deer. Deer are no threat to his livestock and ranching operations. Hogs, on the other hand, tear up hay fields, rendering them too dangerous to drive a tractor over, and they will on occasion kill sheep. Coyotes are also a threat to cattle and are unwelcomed guests on any active ranch. Newborn calves are easy prey for coyotes and they don't hesitate to take advantage.

We met my cousins Cathy and Suzanne and Uncle Wilmouth for lunch in Cuero. Half the crew ordered chicken fried steak and other half Mexican plates. If you have never had chicken fried steak, change that.

The evening hunt was again uneventful. Back to it in the morning.

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